Educational samples


subject-specific VIDEOS

Short, high-impact videos are typically a great by-product of our time on campus. In addition to generating content for the 3-4 minute videos, we will have obtained amazing visual and spoken assets to enable us to create shorter edits. These are a great way to extend a school’s message - and budget.

Example Video: We created a series of videos for Williston Northampton, and in addition to the original project scope, we were able to build out nearly a dozen informative, shorter edits on topics such as The Writing Center, Scholars, Theater, etc. This particular example here took a slightly different approach - let’s visually showcase the school, and for the background music, use one of their student’s singing voice to set the stage. As you’ll see at the end, Williston turned this edit into a request for alumni to give to its annual fund.


athletic VIDEOS

Sports play an important part at most institutions, and we love capturing the schools athleticism and spirit through these types of videos.

Example Video: Athletics play a large role at Williston, and we were excited to hear from many of the coaches about not just what accolades the school has achieved on the fields and courts of play, but why sports can and does play an important part in the development of these young students. We had the opportunity to film across all aspects of their impressive athletic footprint.



Establishing strong relationships with alumni are critical for schools. These bonds help continue and fortify the emotional connections students have for their alma mater - but they are also key for an engagement on a financial level. Strong endowments help schools attract the best talent, and we believe that hearing stories from successful alumni help illuminate the importance of staying connected.

Example Video: It’s hard to imagine that there could be a better spokesperson for a school than Tom Porter. Tom graduated from The Fenn School in 1965 with an interest in mathematics that had been cultivated by his teachers. He went on to Exeter, Penn and Stanford - then became one of the founding members of Pixar Animation Studios. He has spent his career applying the results of his love for math; his work has helped the animation studio more accurately render how light and shadow appear in the real world.

Now, with Pixar having won more than a dozen Oscars, we sat down with Tom to talk about his memories of his time at Fenn… and the importance of staying connected and giving back.


“About us” Videos

We believe that each school has a unique story to tell. And we are keenly aware how a well-developed, thoughtful series of videos can help influence prospective students and their families.

Example Video: “To learn our powers and be answerable for their use.” Mary C. Wheeler spoke these words 130 years ago, and this phrase is as important today as it was when the school was founded in 1889. The Wheeler School is an independent day school for girls and boys from Nursery through Grade Twelve. Based in Providence, RI it also boasts a 120-acre farm 15-minutes away in Seekonk, MA. Copper Hound Pictures spent several days on campus throughout the spring and fall to capture the true spirit of Wheeler. The school’s personality shone brightly in video and photo through its dedicated faculty and engaging, dynamic students.


Capital Campaign Videos

Capital campaigns are a part of academic life. Whether funds are generated to strengthen an endowment, build a state of the art building, or develop a new sports complex, it is critical to educate and excite the wider school constituency. And we think nothing builds momentum like high quality videos. These assets help define a campaigns missions through the words of key individuals, but it also visually paints an amazing picture. Seeing the vibrant community brings it all into context for the viewer.

Example Video: Stone Ridge (Bethesda, MD) embarked on a capital campaign titled The Cor Unum * One Heart Campaign with the goal to transform their heart of campus through the development of several components, including a new Student Life Center, which is brought to life in this video here. Copper Hound Pictures was honored to have been given the responsibility to tell their Campaign story through a series of five videos. During our days on campus we gained a true appreciation for what the school means for its current students, alumnae, parents, faculty and staff, and the wider Sacred Heart community.