Hi Laura and Brian,

Thank you for visiting this custom page we built for you. And congratulations on being listed as MA's fastest growing private company! BlueWave's mission is inspiring and it's great to read about your growth.

Copper Hound Pictures is a video and photo production company that specializes in telling corporate stories through video and photography. We recently worked with Halo Energy on a assets for their growing business. Below you’ll find several links to our work. Our philosophy has always been about creating content that engages and informs. We’re proud of the work we have generated for other companies and institutions such as Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Ginkgo Bioworks, MIT, Liberty Mutual, Repligen, Crane & Company, to name a few. And we always look forward to starting relationships with new companies as well.

We’d love the opportunity to connect with you and to provide thoughts/insights into how we could help BlueWave with content going forward. Would you be open for a call?

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What unique value can copper hound offer bluewave?

  • ENGAGING VIDEOS: Overview videos, tailored messaging, extensions through social media posts, etc.

  • PHOTOS THAT TELL STORIES: We pride ourselves on capturing companies and their employees in authentic, memorable ways.

  • MUCH MORE THAN A PRODUCTION COMPANY: We have the experience and ability to drive the process from whatever point makes most sense for BlueWave - whether that’s at the early messaging development stage, or you need help executing a well-developed vision. Our team is directly involved in all aspects of content creation, from storyboards to edits.

  • EXPERIENCE: Copper Hound Pictures has been showcasing innovative companies for the past 10 years, and over that time have developed the skills to understand oftentimes complex subjects, to appreciate the needs of the varied target audiences, and to ask the right questions.




overview VIDEOS

  • Tells a compelling story, both through words and visuals

  • Informs key constituents, from the educated investor to the involved consumer

  • Separates a company’s mission, technologies, and passion from its competitive set

Example Video: Halo Energy has a proprietary shroud technology that generates the lowest cost electricity with units 1/2 the size of conventional micro-wind turbines. Copper Hound Pictures sat down with the leadership team and ultimately created two videos and a library of photo assets that tell their important story. We're excited about the positive impact Halo will have on our earth.


who we are Videos

  • Every technology company is unique: how well is your story being told?

  • Educates and inspires your target market

  • Showcases your groundbreaking solutions, vision, global impact to date, and team members

Example Video: Acceleron, a company that designs, manufactures and tests new drugs that fight rare diseases, entrusted Copper Hound Pictures with bringing their important story to life through compelling video. Their collaborative environment brings together employees individually committed to the progression of science, and to their role within the wider team. It was an honor to showcase the critically important work that they do. 


subject-specific VIDEOS

  • Quick-hitting, high-impact, subject-specific edits

  • Content topics are generated through pre-production planning

  • This is an efficient way to extend your company’s messaging

Example Video: We created a series of videos for Ziopharm Oncology, with subjects ranging from Glioblastoma, to Point of Care, to Making Cold Tumors Hot (which is shown here). We shot on location at Ziopharm’s corporate headquarters in Boston, MA and at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX.


high impact, authentic Photography

  • Your photos should reflect who you are as a company - quality matters

  • Showcases the personality, diversity, and community of a company

  • Ideally aligns visually with the company’s video content to create a seamless presentation

Copper Hound Pictures’ genesis was on the photo side - so in addition to the great video content we generate for clients, our capabilities extend to the still side. It’s a great one-two combination we can offer biotech companies, and this approach ensures all visual assets hang together from a stylistic approach.

INTERESTED IN learning more?


We’d love the opportunity to sit down with you to talk more about how Copper Hound Pictures can help BlueWave Solar further its messaging.