Photo Shoot for Kingsley Montessori School in Boston


Earlier this week we spent the day at Kingsley Montessori School in Boston’s Back Bay. It was a day capturing what it means to be a child at a unique independent day school like Kingsley, where students are encouraged to take charge of their own learning. This experience was made easier by the enthusiasm of Jamie Lacroix, the school’s Director of Marketing and Communications, who orchestrated a day in the life of the Kingsley student.


Our experience with Kingsley opened us up to a better understanding of how the Montessori Method of Education allows students to foster imagination and independence – two attributes rarely found at such a young level of education.


At one point, our team entered a classroom of preschoolers on the cusp of entering Kindergarten next year. While the expectation of most would be a slightly chaotic environment given the age of the kids, the reality was far from it. Each student was quietly working on his or her own project planned out by the teachers to achieve the child’s educational milestones. The projects and pathways were unique to each student and no pace was too slow or too fast for the teachers to foster these individual growths.


Our observations of this classroom illustrate how fortunate we are to work closely with early education institutions. Every time we visit a new school, we learn more about the innovative way administrations are improving the student experience.



Below are a few snapshots of our day at Kingsley Montessori that we hope provide insights into how much fun we had while capturing the Montessori experience. And you can see more Kingsley in action on their Instagram feed.

Tim Llewellyn