Brigham and Women’s Hospital: Capturing the Installation of the 1st NICU-installed MRI system in the U.S.

On September 8th, Brigham and Women’s received the first FDA-approved, NICU-dedicated MRI system in the United States. Its pioneering presence at the hospital will greatly enhance all aspects of pediatric care for those babies needing neurocritical care.

After being shipped to BWH from overseas, the MRI machine (called EMBRACE) was delivered by truck to the front side of the hospital and hoisted via crane through a roof hatch on the 6th floor. From there the MRI system was moved into a dedicated room within the newly redesigned NICU.

Copper Hound Pictures was there to capture the entire sequence – and did so with seven different cameras and countless angles. A special thanks to Above Summit for their aerial assistance.

In a later post we will showcase the Brigham and Women’s new NICU in more depth. But for now, we hope you enjoy the footage from that special day and appreciate the advantages the hospital and most specifically its littlest patients now have because of the EMBRACE system.

Tim Llewellyn