Crane Stationery: Celebrating 200+ Years of Craftsmanship

Since 1801 Crane Stationery has stayed true to its mission of keeping the art of classic correspondence alive and lovely.

And yes, we are talking about paper. But not just any paper... hand-crafted, Made in America, exquisitely detailed paper. Quality and consistency so high, that US banknotes, government proclamations, and stocks/bonds have all been printed on Crane papers. 

Copper Hound Pictures was honored to have been given the responsibility of capturing the essence of Crane in video form. Our time spent in their Dalton, MA facility was like being given a back-stage pass to American history. We treated this project with the craftsmanship and dignity it deserves. And we are proud to showcase the company's timeless processes, while highlighting their employees' personalized approach to quality. 

We hope you enjoy the video, which can also be found prominently on the Crane's homepage.

Tim Llewellyn