The Transplant Center at Massachusetts General Hospital: Patient Stories

The Transplant Center at Massachusetts General Hospital is among the finest transplant facilities in the world. Their team of renowned specialists and patient care professionals are committed to the ultimate goal – to have each patient return to a full and productive life.

Copper Hound Pictures is proud to have partnered with MGH and Anderson Digital 2020 to highlight this amazing work, and to profile incredible patient stories in a series of online videos.

We had the pleasure of shooting on location within MGH, as well as in the patient homes. Filming these dedicated surgeons and successful transplant recipients was an honor, and we are happy to be a part of telling their important stories. The sit-down interviews generated compelling, thoughtful, and awe-inspiring content – and the heartfelt b-roll supported those words. We had a front row seat as these patients recounted their journeys, and we are grateful to have learned so much about the who, why, and how behind these life-saving surgeries.

Showcased here are videos that highlight transplant recipients Nicola, MaryAnn, and Phil, as well as the talented teams from MGH that helped make these success stories possible.

Tim Llewellyn