Video For Catholic High School: Malden Catholic

Today we are featuring a newly released video that we made for Malden Catholic high school, just outside of Boston. The school lives by its motto, Plus Ultra - Latin for "more beyond." The students, faculty and staff continually push themselves to always be improving, to always take that extra step. 

We shot this video over the course of several days at the Malden Catholic campus. Over ninety percent of the footage was shot on the Red Scarlet Weapon on the Steadicam, which gives that floating and following feeling. The one exception to the Steadicam usage was the series of moving portraits that we shot all around the school. For these shots we used the Kessler Shuttle Dolly and pushed the camera along a set of rails toward the subject. We love the effect. 

This project also included a few days of still photography. Below are a few of the shots we took of the varsity football team. 

Tim Llewellyn